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Rebuilding Gypsy Spirit

 Gypsy Spirit sailing to the ExumasView Gallery


Kia’s Travels


Coolin off View Gallery


The Bahamas


Man of War Cay - Road to the BeachView Gallery



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View a PDF about cruising with your dog: Cruising With Your Canine Friend – Keeping it Safe and Fun.pdf      If you like women’s travel and adventure books you will love this site. Check out the Mary Kne’s review of Gypsy Spirit. Click on the review in the bottom left hand column then scroll up to read parts 1-5.

Gypsy Spirit on YouTube      Sail away aboard Gypsy Spirit. Relive the adventure as Kia, my lab/golden mix and I set off for the Bahamas and the Caribbean. Join us as we sail in tandem with Ed and his sailboat Nini. In the course of fullfilling a life long dream we will battle storms and suffer a catastrophic collision with a container ship at sea. This is a pictorial synopsis of my new book “Gypsy Spirit-What My Boat Taught Me About Love And Life.”

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Gypsy Spirit on Facebook     Very useful website that allows you to click on a section anywhere on the globe and get detailed information about SURFACE WIND, SURFACE PRESSURE and WAVE HEIGHT AND DIRECTION.     Useful weather forecasting site.     Located in Saint Augustine Florida, this is a great place to scavenge for new and used boat parts.     Check this out.  I went sailing with someone who had a solar stik and I think it is just the greatest thing.  You are able to mount both a wind generator and solar panels to this one unit.  The solar panels can then easily be adjusted to face the sun from sunrise to sunset.  A definite must have for the long distance cruiser.

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