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Hi Christine! Just wanted to say that I got your book on Amazon when it was offered for Kindle for free, a few weeks ago, and I couldn’t put it down! You lived what many of us have dreamed, my dear, and oh, what a great ride! Kudos to you and beautiful Kia for bringing such a wonderful adventure to life, and smooth sailing in your future!


Hi Nancy – I am so happy that you enjoyed my book and really appreciate that you took the time to write :-)

PS – Kia said to say hi…

Mike Crosa

Went to Amazon and read a few pages of your book and was hooked. Downloaded to my Kindle. Used to own a Watkins 27 and truth be told, I am sorry I sold her. Anyway life moves in mysterious ways so who knows I may own another yet. :-)



Thanks Mike – I really hope you enjoy the book. Watkins are great boats – I don’t think I’d be here today if it we not for my Watkins 36 – solidly built with massive aluminum toe rails – gypsy Spirit saved the day. :-)

Cesar J. Chekijian

Great action packed story full of intrigue, suspense. Well written, with no word wasted. The story could (should?) have been told in 500 pages and even then, it still would have been a “Page Turner”.

Next the prequel and then the sequel?


Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement.

sam phillis

Well you did it….. great lay out…where ever did you get the idea about writing a book…lol…. you ok.. I am in jax and moving to daytona soon… see you when moored in St. aug….ps after 19 years now only have 4 more payments on the 82k boat Emotional Rescue… call me please… friend sam

Jim C

Hi Christine. I love your site. The photos are great and I can’t wait to read the book! Good luck with everything.

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