Cruising with pets

Share stories, links and advice about cruising safely and comfortably with pets.

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When I first started boating with my dog (Zoe – an Australian Cattle Dog) I was very nervous because she was never exposed to deep water. I bought her a life vest which (she didn’t like to wear) but in the end it didn’t even matter….The first time we were at the dock with her, she jumped out of the car, ran to the dock and jumped in the water. Fortunately she swims like a fish! She loves the water!

Thanks for sharing your stories in the book. I am enjoying reading it.


Adam, that’s awesome. You’re lucky – while Kia truly loves the water, she is extremely cautious. She will only go in if she can walk in and walk out – for example the beach is fine, but she won’t jump off a boat, dock, poolside etc. I’m glad you are enjoying the book and thanks for sharing :-)

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