I hope you have all been well these past months. It is with mixed emotions that I announce the sale of Gypsy Spirit. As most of you know, Gypsy Spirit was more than a sailboat – for almost 10 years she was home.  I hope she brings the joy I experienced to her new owner.

Welcome aboard. I am happy to announce the launch of my book, Gypsy Spirit – What My Boat Taught Me about Love and Life. Gypsy Spirit is a true life tale of adventure and near peril upon the sea.  In June of 2005, my lab/golden mix-Kia and I, set off aboard our Watkins 36 CC sloop, bound for the Islands and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. As is often the case – reality was quite different than the dream…both for better and for worse. Kia and I invite you to step into our world for just a while; take a look around, read a couple of sample chapters, or simply peruse our photo albums and video.  If you have a sailing story, or a sailing with pets’ story to share, the ship’s log is for you.

My fellow cruisers, sailors, adventurers and dreamers…I wish you all fair seas and following winds.

Christine Bukruian and Kia

About the Book

Gypsy Spirit charts an inspiring two-year voyage set amidst the tumultuous world of singlehanded sailing. This captivating memoir recounts the true life adventures and harrowing encounters of author Christine Bukruian’s initiation into the culture of boats, sailors, and the open sea.

Motivated by her mother’s passing, Christine purchases a used 36-foot sloop, renames it Gypsy Spirit and is soon “living the dream,” along with Kia, her 50-pound lab/golden mix. Through trial and misadventure, Gypsy Spirit and her crew are made seaworthy with the assistance of Ed, a seasoned South African sailor on his way to the Bahamas.

Ed invites Gypsy Spirit to sail in tandem with his boat, Nini, and his trial-by-fire sailing lesson propels their relationship and Christine’s appreciation of life at sea.  Christine becomes a competent, self-reliant sailor, which proves fortunate as Gypsy Spirit and her crew find themselves alone on a horrific, storm-swept night marked by a devastating collision with a 264-foot container ship.

Tropical settings – from picture perfect islands with postcard images of sun, sea, and swaying palms, to pelicans flying overhead and dolphins trailing in the boat’s wake– afford a vicarious journey for all to enjoy. But Gypsy Spirit’s true reward is as a personal testament to overcoming fears, embracing new passions, and fulfilling improbable dreams.